Robo Mobile

I created wireframes for new features and made improvements to previously existing designs within the Robo 3D printing app.

Zendesk integration

A custom interface and workflow for Zendesk integration into the Robo mobile app.

Robo uses Zendesk to manage all of their customer service tickets. To increase awareness of the online documentation and encourage people to seek their own solutions before reaching out to customer service, we integrated a Zendesk 'Help Center' in the Robo mobile app. I custom designed the workflow and interface. 

The wireframe below outlines the complete workflow. It is broken up into three main parts (articles, login/profile, customer service tickets) in order to break up the development and rollout. Details about the design are annotated in the wireframe.

Feature improvements

Updates to the printer control screens. Current reflects the previously existing design in the released version of the app.

I identified inconsistencies with copy and features throughout the app. The example below shows login error messages. Additionally I validated consistency across the app, website and other product related materials.

Storage Login Errors.png

The wireframe below shows a redesigned screen for the 3D print file settings. The new design adds functionality, rearranges the settings in a logical order, and has updated copy.

Slice Settings.png