Venice Pop Up Park

The Venice Pop Up Park was created to be a playful and useful community space on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Los Angeles. During my residency at 72U, we were presented with the opportunity to turn a 1500 sq. ft. lot into a community gathering spot. As project manager, I led a team of six creatives of different backgrounds to design and build the park over a two month period. The space is open daily and can also be rented out for private, nonprofit events. What started as an empty lot is now being used for hanging out, getting work done, entertainment and special events.

Our team built the entire park by hand - which features an interactive wall, a book exchange, free wifi, a mural on the outside fence, built-in stages and seating, as well as some modular features. Stackable milk crates become tables and chairs, and the fence folds down into tables and bar tops.

After ideating, designing, prototyping, building, painting and decorating, we launched the park's website and open source instructions for the fence. 

And finally, we threw a grand opening party to debut it to the public. It was amazing to stand back and watch the park fill up with people after all of the long hours and hard work that we poured into it. It's gratifying to turn ideas in your head into something that's real and right in front of you, and then be able to share it with others.

Press: NOTCOT, Adweek, The Argonaut


Process photos